Germany, France and UK refute U.S. decision to reinstate sanctions against Tehran

"We maintain our goal of maintaining the authority and integrity of the UN security council," say the ministers of the three countries.

Foreign ministers from Germany, France and the United Kingdom on Sunday refuted the unilateral decision by the United States of America (USA) to reinstate all international sanctions against Iran, claiming that Washington abandoned the nuclear pact with Tehran.

The United States “withdrew from the agreement on May 08, 2018, so they are no longer part of this mechanism,” the three ministers said in a joint statement. "The decisions or measures that (the United States) may take regarding this process have no legal effect," said the three countries.

The statement was issued after the Government of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, declared this Saturday night that all international sanctions against Iran had been restored and warned that he would take action, in addition to threatening UN members who opposed them.

"We maintain our goal of maintaining the authority and integrity of the UN security council," say the ministers of the three countries in the statement, where they also express their commitment to the nuclear deal with Iran.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also today denounced the United States' unilateral declaration that UN sanctions against Tehran were again in place, stressing that Washington's claims had no legal basis.

"The United States' illegitimate initiatives and actions cannot, by definition, have international legal consequences for other countries," the ministry said in a statement.

Russia, a key ally of Iran, accused Washington of making a "theatrical performance" and stressed that the United States' statements "do not correspond to reality".

The US decision was formalized through a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who recalls that Washington initiated a UN procedure in August to reinstate all international sanctions against Iran.

These sanctions were lifted due to the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, after a long negotiation process, from which Washington withdrew in 2018 because it felt Tehran was not meeting its commitments.

A majority of the security council, which has so far taken no action on the matter, considers that the United States has no right to use this mechanism.

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