France imposes new measures due to worsening health situation

There are currently 69 departments on red alert in France, with different levels of severity depending on the circulation of the virus. The increase in the number of infected people led to the imposition of stricter measures.

Paris, France | Christian Hartmann / Reuters

French cities like Paris, Lille or Montpellier are on “enhanced alert” with the ban on major events, parties and new hours for bars, according to new measures to contain the covid-19 pandemic announced today by the Government.

“The situation continues to deteriorate globally. The health consequences and the level of hospital tension demand that we take additional measures, ”said Health Minister Olivier Véran today at a press conference.

There are currently 69 departments on red alert in France, with different levels of severity depending on the circulation of the virus.

This worsening led to the imposition of new health security measures that will be adapted to each territory and will be in force for at least 15 days.

In cities such as Paris, Lille or Montpellier, which qualify as reinforced alert, the maximum number of people at an event is now 1.000, with parties or gatherings of more than 10 people in parks being prohibited.

The closing of gyms, bars starting at 22:00 and all party rooms are other measures.

At the next level, considered “maximum circulation” of the virus, is Marseille and the overseas region of Guadeloupe, where bars and restaurants will close from Monday.

The figures released tonight by the French authorities show the worsening spread of the pandemic, with 13.072 new cases confirmed across the country and 43 dead in the past 24 hours.

In the last seven days, there were 4.244 new hospitalizations and 675 new patients admitted to intensive care services.

The minister also called for companies to make the most of teleworking and for people to reduce their social interactions.

As for a possible local reconfiguration, Olivier Véran said that the authorities "are doing everything" so that this does not happen. "We are not in the situation of last spring," he assured.

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