From Waltons to Cargill. Meet the 10 richest families in the world

The Walton family, owner of one of the largest retail groups in the world, Walmart, leads the list. One of the highlights goes to India that debuts a family on the list of Fortune magazine.

American families dominate Fortune magazine's list of the richest ten in the world, including some from Europe, the Middle East and just one from Asia. From chocolates to oil, through the fashion industry to retail groups, these ten families are the richest in the world.


Spaniards prepare 'invasion' of Portugal. These are the most recommended Portuguese tourist destinations

Portugal is a country rich in tourism and the Spanish know it. The borders open on July 1 and the proximity between the two countries could make thousands of Spaniards visit our country.

Return, bet or novelty? One of these coaches can surrender Bruno Lage

SL Benfica's poor results in the resumption of the season put Bruno Lage at the exit door. There are several options for the position of coach and the choice seems to be inclined to a Portuguese.

From CR7 to João Félix: seven Portuguese who can win the 'Champions' at 'home'

For now, only João Félix is ​​guaranteed a place in the quarter-finals, but he may be joined by four more Portuguese in Lisbon.