Future of water, business advocacy, Portuguese wines and much more: discover the JE Specials in November

The Jornal Económico Specials and Supplements are multiplatform products - in paper, online and video - that combine quality journalism with commercial potential and reach an audience of over one million readers and viewers, who buy the paper edition or visit our website every month.

The notebooks Specials and Supplements of Jornal Económico they offer you the best analysis of the major trends and challenges of the economy and companies, accompanied by the opinions of managers, experts and leaders of companies that move the country and the world. The Jornal Económico Specials are multiplatform content - on paper, online and video -, which combine quality journalism with commercial potential and reach an audience of over one million readers and viewers, who buy the paper edition or visit our website every month.

In November, we will publish the following Specials and Supplements:

November 6st: Special Future of Water: In this Special we will analyze the major challenges facing the Water sector in Portugal, with emphasis on topics such as the sustainable use of water resources, the changes underway in the sector's concessions and the national strategy to guarantee water supply in each future increasingly marked by climate change.

November 13st: Taxation in 2021: In this Special we will explain to our readers the main tax changes foreseen for the next year and make a framework of the rules applicable to citizens and companies, both in direct and indirect taxes. We will also make a detailed analysis of the fiscal component of the State Budget for 2021, listening to tax experts, economists and entrepreneurs and specialists from different areas.

November 13st: Who's Who in Business Law in Portugal  (sectoral yearbook): Jornal Económico publishes yet another edition of Quem é Quem in Business Law in Portugal, our sector yearbook. In this edition, which will have as main theme Gender Equality, we will address how Portuguese law firms are addressing the challenge of gender equality. What do national offices do to ensure that men and women have the same opportunities for career advancement? The second part of “Quem é Quem” will consist of the presentation pages of the main Portuguese law firms.

November 13 and 20: Special Portugal Exporter 2021 :In this Special, which will have two parts, we will show how Portuguese exporting companies are facing the crisis caused by the pandemic and looking for new opportunities in a changing world. The first part of the Special will be published in the same week that Fundação AIP, Novo Banco and AICEP promote the 2020 edition of Portugal Exportador (scheduled for November 18). In the second part, we will take stock of this annual forum, which has Jornal Económico as media partner.

November 27st: European Funds Special: In this Special we will show you how Portuguese companies can apply for European funds in 2021 and the types of projects that can be supported. We will also have a guide to European funds, with all the information you need to apply for these instruments and a glossary with all the concepts you need to know.

November 27st: Special Wines of Portugal 2020: In this section we are going to take stock of the national wine sector and make known Portuguese companies that are managing to reinvent themselves in an extremely challenging environment. We will also have a work on women who are giving letters at the head of wine companies in Portugal, as well as the traditional forum of leaders and experts in the sector.


Please note: This schedule is subject to possible changes.

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Visits to the JE website soar in November, rising 33% to 5,8 million

The number of users of the Jornal Económico website increased 30% in November, compared to October, to a total of 2,7 million. Mobile accesses represented 79% of the total. Multimedia platform JE TV has more and more viewers. Thank you for your preference!

OECD says world economy will contract 4,2% in 2020, recovering 4,2% and 3,7% in the following years

China will concentrate a third of world growth in 2021 and is the only major economy to end 2020 on a positive note. The eurozone is down 7,5% this year, and in the following years it will have, like the United States, “a contribution less than its weight in the world economy” when it comes to recovery.

OECD expects the Portuguese economy to grow only 1,7% in 2021 and 1,9% in 2022

“Economic Outlook” foresees a slower recovery of the national economy than expected by the Government and a peak in unemployment next year. But it revises downward the drop in GDP in 2020, pointing to 8,4%.