Government prepares new lines of financing for exports

The Secretary of State for the Economy, João Correia Neves, who is in Milan at the largest footwear fair in the world, will make funds from Portugal 2020 available to companies to promote the digital presence in international markets.

The Government is preparing new lines of financing to promote the digital presence of Portuguese companies at international fairs and thereby influence the restart of exports, which are at a stage of great difficulty in the face of the pandemic - which affects national production, but also the consumption of its main markets.

The Secretary of State for the Economy, João Correia Neves, told JE that these new lines of financing will make funds available to companies that are still available in the Portugal 2020 program.

The measure comes in the context of Correia Neves' presence in Milan, at MICAM, the largest footwear fair in the world, where the Secretary of State is to “support and encourage the presence of national industrialists, at a time when“ the market remains uncertain ”, He said to JE. MICAM will allow “to see the market feeling” in the specific area of ​​footwear - but with the possibility that this observation can be understood for other areas.

João Correia Neves also recalled that the Government has been supporting exports and companies through “risk taking” to replace credit insurance in the private market. The clarified that the Ministry of Economy does not count, contrary to what some business associations ask, to recover the simplified lay off. "Unless," he said, "if the economy goes back" - that is, if there is a constraint and a need for companies to stop like what happened in April. But this is a scenario that is not even on the table: “we cannot go back to that situation”.

At MICAM, which opened this Sunday to the public and closes next Wednesday, there are 33 three Portuguese companies, half of which were part of the last edition of the show, which in a pandemic context gathers about 500 exhibitors, far from the 1.600 of the recent past .

The executive president of MICAM, Tomasso Cancellara, considers, quoted by the agency Lusa, that “this edition will take on a particular meaning, as it will be an important opportunity for everyone to reestablish ties with the market and create new opportunities, in total security”.

According to the organization, both MICAM and the 'parallel' Lineapelle, will take place under a lot of conditions, especially with regard to hygiene and safety measures, namely with the mandatory use of a mask, measurement of the temperature at the entrance and exits, and cleaning and sanitizing exhibitor stands several times a day.

For the first time, in the MICAM space there will be an area occupied by MIPEL (show of leather and leather goods), this edition also featuring the space “TheOneMilano Special”, a highlight of MICAM (with women's fashion 'ready-to-wear' ') in an original format that promises to “offer new opportunities for buyers and visitors”.

Portugal appears in the 'top' 20 of the largest footwear producers, a restricted group where, in Europe, there are only more Italy and Spain, in a sector in which 87,4% of the world production comes from Asia, accounting for China by 55,5% .

According to the latest edition of the World Footwear Yearbook, prepared by the Portuguese Association of Industrial Footwear, Components, Leather Goods and Substitutes (APICCAPS), Portugal recovered a place and took the 2019th position in the top 20 in 20 of the largest world producers in the sector, a “restricted group” where, from Europe, “only meddle” more Italy (10th place) and Spain (17th).

The presence in international competitions is part of the promotional strategy defined by APICCAPS and by the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (AICEP), with the support of the Compete 2020 Program, and aims to consolidate the relative position of Portuguese footwear in foreign markets.

Increasing exports, approaching new markets, contacting new customers and testing new products are some of the objectives of this promotional offensive, within the scope of the priority given to external commercial promotion by the Portuguese footwear industry, which exports over 95% of its production.

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