Green Minute: Avoid jar food for baby

Minuto Verde is an environmental awareness item produced by Quercus and issued on RTP1 business days since 2006.


Presidential: Transport platforms have promotions for Portuguese to vote on Sunday

From discounts of six euros to 50% discount on car trips across the country, up to a limit of three euros and free trips on all electric scooters in Lisbon, Bolt and Free Now organized promotional campaigns so that the Portuguese can go to the polls on 24 January.

80% of municipalities index waste invoices to water consumption. Deco Proteste wants tariff review

“Whoever fulfills and separates the waste, with the concern of defending the environment, pays the same for those who are indifferent to the sustainability problem”, points out Deco Proteste, who defends the review of the calculation of the waste tariff.

Learn how to recapitalize your finances in times of crisis

With more and more citizens faced with the reduction of their income, through unemployment, the lay-off, the closing of their activity, the cut of the commissions, among other situations, it is important to know the existing measures and the behaviors to be adopted to overcome these financial difficulties or even to recapitalize their finances in times of crisis.