Grenke reduces CO2 emissions by 17,6 tonnes in Portugal

In a span of five years, the German multinational's operations in Portugal have reduced CO2 emissions by 17.629 kilograms, produced 1.156 kilograms less waste, spent 175.922 liters less water and 7.835 kilograms less wood.

The company specializing in renting technological equipment, reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere by 17,6 tonnes in Portugal, in just five years, as a result of the paradigm shift in the implementation of digital contracts, in a total of more than 9.500 since 2015.

Altogether, since 2015 and until March 2020, Grenke affirmed 9.538 contracts digitally in its operations in Portugal, which allowed it to reduce CO2 emissions by 17.629 kg, produce 1.156 kg less waste, spend 175.922 liters less. water and less 7.835 kilos of wood.

For the sum of these values, the savings calculations took into account three factors: number of envelopes sent, number of pages per envelope and number of recipients per envelope.

According to the company's estimates, in the first quarter of 2020 in the national territory, 1.598 digital contracts were signed, and a record is expected by the end of the year with regard to these documents. Last year, 3.304 closed contracts were registered, a record for the German company.

Looking at the big picture, Grenke, which is present in 34 countries, has 248.170 contracts digitally from 2015 to March this year, reducing CO2 emissions by 420.870 kilos in 2019, waste by 27.591 kilos, water consumption 4,2 million liters - the equivalent of two Olympic-size swimming pools - and wood consumption at 187.054 kg - the equivalent of two green parks.

Grenke had a turnover of 69 million euros last year in Portugal, 14% more than in the previous year, which corresponded to the formalization of 9.039 contracts, 18% more than in 2018, according to “Jornal de Negócios”. This year, the multinational expects to reach a turnover of 77 million euros in the Portuguese market.

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