Groundforce reinforces operation with 573 workers but maintains 'lay-off'

Groundforce handling company Groundforce will reinforce its operation with 573 workers, for a total of 1.033, taking into account the expected resumption of flights, but maintains the lay-off, according to a statement .

Rafael Marchante / Reuters

“Starting today, Groundforce will place a total of 1.033 workers on the scales where it operates, which represents a clear recovery in activity compared to the previous three months”, reads the same note released today.

This reinforcement, of over 573 workers, “reflects the flight plan planned for this period and guarantees the capacity to respond to the activity of the companies with the perspective of, in July, 134 more workers will return to service, according to the evolution of the flights and the survey of quarantines that, until now, continue to restrict the normal functioning of the sector ”, indicated Groundforce.

In the same note, the company indicated that during July more movements are expected, about 5.186, and a revenue of close to 2,6 million euros.

Groundforce also said that it is taking measures “that guarantee the safeguard and continuity of the business, as well as the protection of jobs through a posture of dialogue and transparency with all unions and with the Workers' Committee, presenting them all the measures and their impacts on the company's sustainability ”, and highlighted the Clean & Safe seal to improve trust.

The handling company also stressed that as of today “it enters the 4th lay-off period, having been privileged, like the previous ones, the 68% rotation between the workers who were in the service and those who were in temporary suspension of service provision ”.

The company has already informed the workers about the modalities that will be assigned to them, and “1.033 people (38,6% of the total) will guarantee daily operations at EGE [Engineering and Equipment Management] and Operations at each scale and will remain 5% reduction in normal working hours ”.

On the other hand, “1.542 people (57,6% of the total) will be temporarily suspended from the provision of work under the simplified lay-off and will receive, without exception, 2/3 of the fixed monthly remunerations”.

Finally, “102 people (3,8% of the total), from the support and operational areas, will be reduced by 20% from the normal working period”, indicated the company.

Groundforce also revealed that "the company's directors will have a 20% reduction in the normal working period and the executive directors will voluntarily continue with a 30% reduction in their remuneration".

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