GS1 starts cycle of debates on the economic recovery adjusted to the pandemic

Topics such as 'Virtual Experience Economy', 'Shopstreaming' or 'A-commerce' gained greater strength in the middle of the pandemic and its importance and implementation will be one of the topics of conversation in this first session. .

GS1 Portugal starts today, on June 30, a cycle of debates with the objective of analyzing with specialists and decision makers from different sectors how the economic recovery will be in a context of adjustment to the pandemic situation.

Each of the four debate sessions will be subject to different and complementary themes, the first being dedicated to 'Digital & Data Science'.

From 10 am, they will be in the studio of GS1 Portugal Miguel Castro Neto, from NOVA IMS; Fernando Matos, of the Data Science Portuguese Association; and Manuel Dias, from Microsoft.

Each debate will be broadcast live on GS1 Portugal's YouTube and Facebook channels.

“The organization responsible for the introduction of the barcode in Portugal for over 30 years has been carefully monitoring a set of new trends transmitted by various sources, proposing to open a new space of debate, neutral and impartial, on the new opportunities that arise and can be foreseen in the resumption of various activities in the aftermath of the pandemic outbreak ”, explains a statement from GS1 Portugal.

According to this note, 'Virtual Experience Economy', 'Shopstreaming' or 'A-commerce' "are terms that have gained greater strength in the middle of the pandemic and their importance and implementation will be one of the topics of conversation in this first session".

“With music festivals canceled, football games behind closed doors and the fear of going to cinemas and museums, needs remained unfulfilled, habits were interrupted, leaving room for new virtual experiences that some sectors were able to optimize. The dynamization of electronic commerce and the respective automation, through artificial intelligence, are increasingly a reality. The importance of interoperability of information and traceability along the value chain has gained a new impetus ”, advances the aforementioned statement, adding that“ in this context, GS1 Portugal seeks to bring into debate the opinion of experts and decision makers with the aim of reinforcing collaboration and solidarity between partners and, thus, inspire transformation ”.

For João de Castro Guimarães, Executive Director of GS1 Portugal, “it is of great importance to promote open discussion on current issues, with an impact on the activity of the business community, in particular the importance of digitalization and data quality”.

“The confinement changed consumption habits and production and distribution procedures. Economic activity had an impact in value that we are still assessing and forced a very agile adaptation of operations - both immediately and in the planning of future actions. The recovery, even with all the uncertainty variables, is imperative. Quality data are true enablers of this recovery. The standards system and the services that
we offer multiple evidence of the benefits of data integration and interoperability in the service of digitization and digitalisation in the service of business efficiency, along value chains. As a trusted partner of the companies, we propose to jointly analyze, more than damage mitigation strategies, what opportunities the new reality offers ”, assures this official.

In addition to this first session, three more debates are scheduled, namely, on Education for Sustainability, on 14 July; on 'Supply Chain Digital', on October 15th; and about the Value Chain
Digital na Saúde, on November 19th.

GS1 Portugal - Codipor is the organization responsible for the introduction of the barcode in Portugal for over 30 years. It is a private, non-profit, neutral and multisectoral association, declared a public benefit entity.

About nine thousand companies have joined and believe in the GS1 Standards System to transform the way we work and live.

GS1 Portugal is one of 115 member organizations of GS1 and the entity authorized to manage the GS1 System of Global 'Standards' in Portugal.

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