High risk of contagion. Meet the nine most vulnerable professions in times of pandemic

From health professionals to firefighters, contact with strangers carries risks that are impossible to prevent. As people start to circulate and make their lives “normal”, the virus continues to lurk and there is little care.

As countries reopen the economy, the lack of confidence in some professions poses risks. It is known that health professionals are at greatest risk, but there are several other professions that depend on direct contact with the population and that, without due precautions, could serve as contagion chains for Covid-19. According to the Business Insider, these are the nine professions with the highest risk of contagion.


Spain adds 8.532 new cases of Covid-19 since Friday

As for the number of fatalities, health authorities reported an additional 17 fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths to 28.472.

"It has been very difficult". Lacerda Sales is thrilled to announce zero deaths for Covid-19

At the press conference this Monday, the Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Salves was thrilled when he commented on the fact that there were zero deaths by Covid-19 in the DGS's report for the previous day. Watch or review the moment that marked the DGS press conference.

Sports Confederation of Portugal criticizes Government for banning public on the benches

Through a communiqué, the CDP questions the “openness of spirit shown in relation to culture”, and says that it does not understand how it is not “extended to a phenomenon that also has a lot to do with the culture of the people as they are. sports competitions ”.