High temperatures across the country continue until the end of next week

At least until the 17th, temperatures will remain high. According to the IPMA, 35ºC will be recorded on the coast and 40ºC inland.

The high temperatures in the country should continue until next Friday, with the thermometers reaching 35ºC on the coast and 40ºC in the interior, announced today the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

According to information from the IPMA, during the next week the maximum temperature should “vary between 30 and 35ºC on the coast, and should reach values ​​between 35 and 40ºC in the interior regions”.

A temporary drop in temperature is expected on Sunday, which will be “less significant in Trás-os-Montes and Vale do Tejo.

From Monday, the temperature will gradually rise, IPMA continues.

The minimum temperature is also expected to rise gradually, "with values ​​that should be above 20ºC in a large part of the continental territory", particularly in the interior and the Algarve wind.

"The temperature values ​​are above the usual for the time of year and this persistence could lead to a heat wave situation in several places in the country, especially in the interior", warns the IPMA.

The high temperatures are a consequence of an “anticyclone located to the northeast of the Azores, which extends ridge to the Bay of Biscay, together with a depression valley from North Africa to the Iberian Peninsula” and which originates the “transport of a North African hot air mass ”.

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