Higher education students will have 4.500 new beds in local accommodation and hotels

The estimated supply of beds at regulated prices rises to 18.455 this school year, announces the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, which starts this Monday, September 21, to sign agreements with the sector's associations.

Cristina Bernardo

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education announces 4.500 new beds for higher education students in youth hostels, local accommodation and hotels across the country.

The signing of collaboration protocols with representative associations of hotels and local accommodation and with Movijovem, manager of youth hostels, will start to be signed this Monday, September 21st, in the cities of Porto and Vila Real, and continue on Tuesday in Lisbon.

For the 2020/21 academic year, which is now starting, the estimated supply of beds at regulated prices rises to 18.455, which represents an increase of 16% compared to 2019/20. This number also includes about 1.100 other beds guaranteed by means of protocols with private institutions and municipalities.

Last year there were 15.073 beds in student residences, a number that decreased to 12.855 due to the adaptations that had to be made to comply with the standards established by health authorities, namely the increase in distance between students.

According to the Ministry led by Manuel Heitor, the agreements with Movijovem and the various representative structures of hotel units and local accommodation “make it possible to provide accommodation for students until the end of the 2020/2021 school year in conditions of comfort, quality and safety ”.

These agreements also fix monthly fees indexed to accommodation supplements for displaced scholarship holders, the information from MCTES adds, adding that the values ​​"result from the expressions of interest of members of the various representative structures of local accommodation and hotel units" and will have to be confirmed individually by the students themselves.

At this moment, not counting the new 4.500 beds in youth hostels, hotels and local accommodation, the offer of student accommodation totals 12.855 beds in residences and 10.520 private rooms identified by the Digital Observatory of Student Accommodation. According to this organization (data of September 18), average prices show a reduction of about 13% compared to 2019 in the two main cities of the country (see cases).

The number and type of beds available is constantly updated in the Student Housing Observatory, online platform open to the public, which daily identifies the private offer of accommodation for students, the areas where higher education students are housed and the rents practiced at national level, as well as the level of occupation and the evolution of the public offer of beds in student residences.


• Case 1: Lisboa
oOffer: 3 362 private rooms and 1 566 public beds
oMinimum price: 185 € (it was 240 € in September 2019)
o Average price: € 342 (it was € 392 in September 2019)
o Maximum price: € 500 (was € 593 in September 2019)

• Case 2: Porto
oOffer: 1 358 private rooms and 1 134 public beds
oMinimum price: 167 € (it was 203 € in September 2019)
o Average price: € 272 (it was € 312 in September 2019)
o Maximum price: € 421 (was € 460 in September 2019)

• Case 3: Braga
oOffer: 205 private rooms and 1 public beds
oMinimum price: 147 € (it was 174 € in September 2019)
o Average price: € 212 (it was € 297 in September 2019)
o Maximum price: € 375 (was € 353 in September 2019)

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