In a new ping-pong with the PS, BE leaves the door open to “review position” in the final vote

For his part, João Paulo Correia used the argument also defended by the Minister of State and the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, and considered that those who vote against “are not interested in improving the Budget in the specialty”.

Cristina Bernardo

The leader of the parliamentary bloc of the Left Bloc, Pedro Filipe Soares, left the door open for the party to change its vote in the final global vote of the State Budget for 2021 (OE2021), if the Government yields in aspects considered fundamental by the blockists.

“The Bloco de Esquerda never closed any door, nor did it ever say that the negotiation process was concluded”, said the blockist leader, in statements transmitted by RTP3, in an exchange of arguments with the vice president of the socialist parliamentary group, João Paulo Correia, a few hours from the start of the discussion in general in Parliament.

Pedro Filipe Soares guaranteed that “if there is any change in the Government's position, we will be here to review our position”, stating that “there is no dogma here, there is no closed position, there is a need to have a State Budget that responds to the country and that does not put us before the circumstance of having made possible a Budget that over the next year will have to be constantly reviewed ”.

The nomination had already been given by the party coordinator, Catarina Martins, on Sunday night, by not rejecting the revision of the vote, if the negotiations in the specialty produce results favorable to the party's claims. "The Left Bloc did not end any negotiation process, but, of course, there is a time when the leadership is called upon to make a point of negotiation and decide the vote on the State Budget," he said at the time, stressing that the rejection of the document “as it was presented”.

For his part, João Paulo Correia relied on the argument also defended by Minister of State and Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, and considered that those who vote against “are not interested in improving the Budget in the specialty”. “The Left Bloc moved away from the negotiations. If the Left Bloc is interested in returning to negotiations, it has to take this initiative and only the Left Bloc will be able to answer that question ”, he said.

Health is the new workhorse between the Government, the PS and the Left Bloc and it once again dominated the exchange of arguments transmitted by RTP between the two parliamentarians. After the coordinator of the Left Bloc, Catarina Martins, justified as one of the reasons for voting in general against what she considers to be the Government's “insufficient” response in the National Health Service, the Government has since Monday released, namely through Twitter, data on the bet in this sector, counterattacked by the blockers through other graphics.

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