Infographics | Covid-19: state of play in Portugal on June 28st

See here the evolution of the new coronavirus in Portugal, with the indicators provided by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).


Provider asks for declaration of immediate disability for cancer patients

Maria Lúcia Amaral suggests that in the case of cancer patients, this immediate declaration of incapacity of 60% is valid for five years or until the medical board is held, if it occurs earlier.

India exceeds 600 cases of Covid-19 since pandemic began

The states of the cities of Bombay and New Delhi continue to be among the hardest hit.

Portrait: 10 numbers that illustrate the delicate situation that TAP lives in

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the fate of the Portuguese airline. The various scenarios on the table at this point point to the possibility of nationalization, as the Government has already warned, or to the departure of one of the company's private shareholders, David Neeleman. These 10 numbers help to understand the delicate situation that the air carrier lives.