Infographics | Miguel Oliveira starts second season in MotoGP class

MotoGP World Championship has two Portuguese as protagonists. Miguel Oliveira and the leader of the International Motorcycling Federation, Jorge Pessanha Viegas, who has no doubts: “Miguel Oliveira has characteristics that can lead him to the title.


From a paradigm shift to unanswered questions. “Economic Game” panel analyzes Jesus' return

Five years after a very troubled departure, Jesus returns today to Luz to fulfill a three-year contract with a value close to 20 million euros. The panel of the “Jogo Económico” program considers that this may be a pre-election move for Luís Filipe Vieira.

From the trump card Jorge Jesus to the taboo of Sérgio Conceição. See the 'Economic Game' here

In this week's edition, we look at the final of the Portuguese Cup and envision what the next season will be for these two clubs with the millions around Jesus and Conceição.

Portimão can host Moto GP championship one month after Formula 1

With the cancellation of events scheduled for Argentina, Thailand and Malaysia, the Moto GP season was reduced to 15 races, the last of which will be played on European soil, with the possibility of being in Portugal. If this happens it will be the first time that Miguel Oliveira, Portuguese driver of the KTM team, will compete in his country in the highest category of the premier motorcycle race.