Infographics | New measures have an impact of 1.947 million euros


Infographics | What changes for pensioners next year

Extraordinary increase in lower pensions varies in net terms between 60 and 120 euros, depending on the cases. A pensioner with a pension of 650 euros, single / widower / without children can have an increase in the annual net income of 60 euros. Another married pensioner or with joint taxation may even see a total increase of 120 euros at the end of the year.

Infographics | See the effect of reducing IRS retention on your monthly net salary

According to simulations by the consultant EY, applying a 2% cut in wage retention rates for the simulated scenarios, the increases in households' annual disposable income next year may vary between 14 euros for taxpayers with salaries lower (925 gross euros) and more than 200 euros for taxpayers with salaries above 3.000 euros.

OE2021: 'Implementation times' of 'IVAucher' will be subject to specific assessment

'IVAucher' is one of the solutions designed by the Government to stimulate consumption in three of the sectors with significant declines in activity as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, and it is estimated that the total VAT paid by consumers in expenditure on hotels, restaurants and cultural activities carried out in one quarter, be slaughtered in consumption carried out in the same sectors in the following quarter.

IMF: “Support measures are essential to ensure medium-term growth” in Europe

Director of the European Department of the IMF defended that European countries "must do whatever is necessary to contain the pandemic", but also that countries should have plans for the medium term. He recalled the importance of policies in supporting companies' liquidity, as well as ensuring that insolvent but viable companies can remain active.

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