Invillia expands to London and wants to recruit 200 talents

The Brazilian technology company that opened a hub in Lisbon last year opens its office in the United Kingdom this month and creates new opportunities for qualified professionals.

Invillia, which last year opened a 'hub' in Lisbon that serves as its headquarters in Europe, will open this month an office in London, in Convent Garden, where it already has its first client, LetClinic.

The announcement was made by CEO Renato Bolzan, in a statement, in which he reveals that he hopes to recruit more than 200 talents for digital innovation projects in the “best minds, best where” model, which is based on recruiting the best minds, regardless of their physical location .

The company has an expansion plan underway that, after the United Kingdom, will take it to the United States, country of destination for its next investment. According to Bolzan, the expectation is to continue to double the size of the company every two years.

“All the cities chosen by Invillia are consolidated worldwide in the scenario of attracting talent, investments and game changers. This is the case of Lisbon and London, which are experiencing a time of great concentration of 'digital innovators', with strong growth targets, high demand for technology and complex deliveries. It is in this ecosystem of challenges that Invillia likes to act and adds more value ”, explains the entrepreneur.

Invillia connects and develops customized innovation teams that accelerate the digital growth of companies through a global framework. In Europe it started with the 'fintechs' Unitrust and Findata, later expanding to the specialized in artificial intelligence Flaner. It also works with Solaria Labs, from the Liberty Insurance group.

Invillia's goal is to reach a global turnover of 30 million euros this year.






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