PremiumISQ will invest more than one million euros in additive manufacturing (3D)

Pedro Matias, president of the company, announces that an Additive Manufacturing Laboratory will be created, which will be unique in Portugal.

ISQ - Welding and Quality Institute will invest more than one million euros in the area of ​​additive manufacturing (3D printing), “and we hope to invest more in the future”, predicts Pedro Matias, the company's president, speaking to Jornal Económico. “Fortunately, there has been a strategic vision on the part of the Government and, in particular, the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Science and Technology in this area and several public policy programs, promoted for example by IAPMEI and by the Innovation Agency and financed by the structural funds of Portugal 2020, are participating in some initiatives. It is very important that Portugal looks at the next cycle of community funds carefully and puts the emphasis on digital ”, defends the president of ISQ.

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Bankinter Portugal workers' commission calls for reporting abuse of management and increasing care with the virus

Bank employee representatives warn that there are "more and more" complaints. Regarding the contingency situation in which the country finds itself, they praise the crisis management by the banking institution and pay homage to those who were on the front line and in teleworking.
tik tok

Tik Tok announces agreement with Oracle and Wallmart and postpones ban

The agreement, to be concluded, will allow the creation of a company, possibly based in Texas, that will hire at least 25 thousand people and will contribute around 4,2 billion euros to a fund dedicated to the education of North Americans. Americans.

PremiumAEP President: “We have exported more than a decade”

Far from disappearing, capitalization problems for companies can find strong support in Banco de Fomento. But Luís Miguel Ribeiro, president of the Business Association of Portugal, considers that a fiscal shock is also necessary.