Israel: Netanyahu ensures that the country is heading for new elections

Coalition partners accuse each other of lack of dialogue and responsibility for not having a State Budget approved for 2021. It will be the fourth early elections in just two years.

Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

"Without a doubt" that Israel is heading for new elections, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, quoted by several newspapers, to comment on the seemingly insurmountable crisis of the State Budget - which the ruling coalition is unable to close. Likud and the coalition Kahol Lavan - who form the alliance between Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz (and rotating Prime Minister) - do not understand each other about the OE and in December, if not before, this will dictate the executive order and automatic election scheduling.

In a sign that the fall of the government is approaching, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that the elections are near and blamed his coalition partners for the disagreement. "When the agreements are not respected by Kahol Lavan, there is no doubt that we are on the way to the elections," he said.

Netanyahu accuses Gantz of governing without any dialogue - which is precisely what the defense minister accuses 'his' prime minister. The reconciliation margin is therefore minimal or even non-existent, as most analysts say.

The environment within the coalition was already bad, but last week everything got worse when Benjamin Gantz decided to form a government team to investigate the so-called 'submarine case' - in everything identical, namely with regard to the German construction company and the its way of operating, to the case that happened in Portugal and involved the then minister of CDS Paulo Portas. Several Netanyahu allies are involved in paying bribes, as newspapers have been reporting for many months.

"Whoever violates agreements, prevents appointments and deprives the state of a budget for months for political and personal reasons is Benjamin Netanyahu," said the Gantz party in an official statement. "It is no accident that in the polls the overwhelming majority of the electorate accuses Netanyahu of doing everything to provoke elections, it is because it is true."

According to a poll released on Wednesday, 44% of the electorate would blame Netanyahu for being responsible for new early elections (the fourth in two years), 31% would blame Netanyahu and Gantz, and 16% would blame only Gantz.

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