Israel: New annexations endanger the new government

After the enormous difficulties in reaching an agreement, Netanyahu and Gantz do not seem to understand each other about the new annexations, scheduled for starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, part of the international community, including the EU, is asking Netanyahu to stop.

Atef Safadi / Reuters

One day before Israel is due to annex new Palestinian territories, the process continues to call into question the fragile and for many counter-natural coalition between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benjamin Gantz: is that the alternative prime minister, as some commentators call Gantz , says that the expected date for an act that the majority of the West repudiates, July 1, is merely indicative.

Benny Gantz, suggested that the annexation would have to wait while the country dealt with the coronavirus crisis. Gantz told a White House envoy, Avi Berkowitz - who is in Israel for negotiations on the matter - that the July 1 deadline was neither "sacred" nor urgent in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

The statements led Netanyahu to say at a private meeting of Likud, his party, that the issue "was not agreed" with Gantz's Blue and White party and that "discreet" contacts with the United States continued.

Disagreements between the two Israeli politicians run at a time when reports of a meeting between Yossi Cohen, head of Mossad (the Israeli intelligence) and King Abdullah of Jordan appear in the media, suggesting that Israel may have reduced plans to annex all the Jordan valley and up to 30% of the West Bank, in favor of symbolic sovereignty over a handful of settlement blocks near Jerusalem.

But both Jordan and the Palestinian leadership, supported by the main countries of the European Union and the Gulf States, have made it clear that they consider any move towards unilateral annexation, however small, to be illegal, with Jordan threatening to tear up the 1994 peace treaty. with Israel.

The main UN human rights official, Michelle Bachelet, in whom "annexation is illegal, period". "I am deeply concerned that even the most minimalist form of annexation would lead to increased violence and loss of life, as walls are erected and security forces are deployed".

The UN Secretary-General, the European Union in general and Germany in particular and the main Arab countries warned that the annexation would violate international law and destroy all hopes of establishing a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel. Now, that is precisely Netanyahu's plan for many years.

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