“It is essential to reinforce public transport and regulate teleworking”, defends a deputy from the PAN

Regarding a possible declaration of a new state of emergency, the deputy of the PAN stresses that it is "necessary to take political decisions with great wisdom, consistency and balance, so that people understand the measures that are being taken".

Bebiana Cunha, deputy of the People and Nature Party (PAN) assumes that at a time when Portugal is facing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, strengthening public transport and the regulation of teleworking is essential.

The PAN deputy spoke to “RTP3” this Wednesday, October 28, outside the debate on the State Budget, about the new measures to combat the pandemic planned for the extraordinary Council of Ministers next Saturday, which will be discussed with parties by the prime minister on Friday.

“We will bring to this meeting an integrated vision, with policies that are not separate, but that are at the bottom of people's understanding. It is essential at this stage to reinforce public transport, regulate teleworking, with a view to ensuring that people can be at a distance, but that mental health and what are the abuses that occur in teleworking are guaranteed, ”he said.

Regarding an eventual declaration of a new state of emergency, Bebiana Cunha stresses that “we have to understand what this implies”, given that we are at a stage when it is “necessary to take political decisions with great sense, coherence and balance, so that people understand the measures that are being taken ”.


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