PremiumJane Fraser: Scottish woman reached the top of the Wall Street financial world

Citigroup's CEO is the first woman to reach the top of a bank listed on the most important exchange on the planet, after a brilliant career in leading institutions. What is also a reference, and not the best, is that your appointment is still in the news.

Worst of all, it remains in the news: Citigroup has appointed a woman, Jane Fraser, to succeed Michael Corbat as CEO of the bank, making her the first woman to lead a large financial institution listed on Wall Street.

Jane Fraser, 53, has repeatedly appeared on those slightly absurd lists of the most powerful women in the world (made by “Fortune” and “American Banker”) and her resume leaves little doubt about her ability to lead Citigroup, but a woman CEO of a bank is so rare that it reminds us that it was not so many years ago that, in Portugal (as in so many other places), banking institutions (with BCP from Jardim Gonçalves at the head, and please , it is not worth denying), women were very unwelcome to leadership positions. They were, or are, according to the points of view - a debate of the kind in which no consensus can ever be reached.

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