JE editors Talks reached over 350 thousand people and generated 80 thousand views

The initiative launched at the beginning of the pandemic, which forced the entire team of Jornal Económico to work remotely, has already reached around 350 thousand people and resulted in 80 thousand views.

Since, for security reasons, the entire Jornal Económico team was telecommuting, the initiative was developed 100% digitally and remotely.

As JE editors Talks, an initiative launched in April alongside the Jornal Económico Specials, reached more than 350 thousand people and resulted in approximately 80 thousand views. The project was launched with the aim of discussing and understanding the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic on different sectors and areas of Portuguese society.

At a time when the country embraces the possibility of a slow lack of definition, JE editors Talks have been serving over the past three months to address the main key-players about 20 different areas on the impact, the future, the challenges and opportunities that their areas and businesses face as the pandemic evolves.

Below, remember the topics already covered and click to review and share those that interest you most.

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Altice invests ten million euros in the expansion of the fiber optic network in ten municipalities

Currently, Altice's fiber optic network serves more than 5,1 million homes and businesses, but the operator's goal is to reach 5,3 million homes. The objective is to make Portugal “one of the first European countries with full fiber optic coverage”.

Uber only accepts electric cars from July 16

Uber wants to speed up electrification of the fleet of cars available on the platform. For now, the measure will be applied to new vehicles registered on the platform in the areas of Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Faro, in the UberX services, the company's main one, and Uber Comfort. In the Black and XL services, the company will continue to allow the registration of diesel or gasoline vehicles on its platform, but only if they replace an already registered vehicle.

Portrait: 10 numbers that illustrate the delicate situation that TAP lives in

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the fate of the Portuguese airline. The various scenarios on the table at this point point to the possibility of nationalization, as the Government has already warned, or to the departure of one of the company's private shareholders, David Neeleman. These 10 numbers help to understand the delicate situation that the air carrier lives.