Jeremy Corbyn suspended from Labor Party

The Labor Party has launched an investigation into former leader Jeremy Corbyn. However, the face of labor in the entire Brexit process is already suspended.

Jeremy Corbyn, who led the British Labor Party between 2015 and 2020, was suspended this Thursday by his own party, advances “The Independent”, which quotes the Labor spokesman.

The announcement came after the current Labor leader, Keir Starmer, had put some internal pressure on the advancement of disciplinary procedures by the Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding anti-Semitic acts in the party, at the time of Corbyn's leadership.

The Labor spokesman said: “In light of his comments and his inability to retract, the Labor Party suspended Jeremy Corbyn for as long as the investigation is ongoing. Corbyn was also suspended from the Labor parliamentary group. ”

In a recent television interview, Corbyn denied the accusations that he could leave Parliament on his own: “Of course not. I am proud to belong to the Labor Party, I joined the party at the age of 16, I have fought racism all my life ”.

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