João Cancelo and Rúben Dias in the 10 most expensive transfers from the 'eccentric' Manchester City

The 10 Manchester City players who make up the top of the most expensive transfers, cost 641 million euros, half the value of the entire Portuguese league.

Known for being one of the most active clubs in the transfer market, Manchester City has an enviable squad worth a billion euros. Among the 10 most expensive transfers of the English club stand out two Portuguese, both defenders, a sector where in the last seasons citizens have invested several million euros. Bernardo Silva does not enter the top 10, but he is also one of the most expensive transfers in the club.


Champions League: 'Dragons' face second most valuable squad in the world

After losing two of the most valuable players in the squad, Danilo Pereira and Alex Telles, who are joined by a defeat against Marítimo and a draw against Sporting CP in the championship, the willingness of the 'dragons' to give a positive answer is unquestionable, but ahead they will have the second most valuable squad in the world.

Liverpool FC and Manchester United want to boost the creation of the European Super League with five billion euros

The format of the European super-league would allow a maximum of five teams per league, mostly made up of clubs from England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany (Big Five). One of the main purposes of its creation is to replace the Champions League from 2022.

Manchester United with losses of 25,5 million euros in the first half

The English emblem had recorded profits of 20 million in the same period in 2019, but the suspension of the championship due to the coronavirus pandemic led to a 40% loss in television revenues.