"Lawyers realized that technology is a point of no return"

The Braga company, with 12 employees, launched a 'legaltech' system on the market in full confinement and is now consolidating strategic alliances with national and international partners.

The Portuguese company Rolling Space launched in the second quarter of this year, in the middle of a pandemic, a cloud management system for advocacy and is implementing 40 product licenses in law firms in Portugal. In an interview with Jornal Económico, the CEO, Hélder Costa, explains how security is guaranteed with Salesforce technology.


What led you to create a solution for the legal area?
In the course of our activity and in the interaction with several clients, we found that, with regard to legal practice, the way in which the activity was performed was obsolete: the information on the different processes was dispersed across various applications, subject to complicated management. and with potential wasted time and data. We realized then that there was an opportunity to satisfy this need for a management system for the legal area in Portugal. Taking advantage of our experience with various legal services companies, we developed the Rolling Legal platform, a simple and intuitive system that, in an innovative way, aims to meet the recurring needs of these professionals: automate routine tasks, record times for sending fee notes, making decisions based on analytical data about the processes, among other tools necessary for the management and success of a law firm or a legal department. The close relationship with customers turned them into business consultants, with theoretical research sessions on the topics under consideration and research on how to optimize processes, crossing them with legal guidelines, in order to creating a transversal product to all customers with needs in this management field. Although there are several national platforms dedicated to business management, the Portuguese market in the legal sector is small, especially when compared to the reality of other countries, which makes it unattractive.


Do you consider that law firms in Portugal have a high level of digital maturity?
Although it is difficult to generalize, I believe that it is not so much about having digital maturity or not. Lawyers are already using technology to their advantage and there is a growing concern with the digitization of their activity and its cybersecurity. What often happens is that, despite having enough digital skills, law firms lack the financial availability to invest either in technology or in the training of their employees. Fortunately, there are already some companies in Portugal that have this availability, which, together with the implementation of technological developments and the adoption of new working methods, also translates into a competitive advantage. We must not forget that justice itself still has some way to go, as was seen with the difficulties in carrying out virtual judgments. These judgments revealed many of the weaknesses of both the system and the sector.


Was there more demand for the platform during confinement?
We found that lawyers paid more attention to these types of solutions. Although we have knowledge of some societies that already had some tools that allowed them to work remotely, it was an excellent opportunity to provide greater visibility. I believe that lawyers also realized that the use of this type of platforms, which allow them to access all information at a click's distance, whether at home or in court, is a point of no return, with regard to their activity . We are aware that the 'announced crisis' could accelerate the implementation of cloud platforms, given that this investment will suppress others, namely in terms of the local IT infrastructure. The cost savings will speak louder and louder, along with all the real benefits of this legal management system.


How do they guarantee information security?
It is built on the Salesforce platform, a robust and flexible security architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most regulated industries (finance, healthcare and government). Trusted by more than 150 global companies, it provides security and control over everything from user and client authentication through administrative permissions to the data access and sharing model.

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