Learn how to choose toys safely

Choose toys with information, safety warnings and instructions for use in Portuguese. In fact, it is mandatory that all the labeling is in our language.

Christmas has already arrived in commerce and in our homes. Let's talk about Christmas consumption!

Christmas party without toys is not a party, but choosing the right toy is not always easy. In addition to the price, often outside our budget, there is the fundamental question of the safety of the toy itself.

How can we safely choose the toy we want to offer?

  • First of all, adapt the toy to the child's age.
  • Choose toys with information, safety warnings and instructions for use in Portuguese. In fact, it is mandatory that all the labeling is in our language.
  • Ask to see and handle the product. Make sure that there is no risk that the toy will hurt your child. You can do this by running your hand over the edges, ends and edges.
  • Make sure you have small parts that are easy to pull out (eyes, wheels, buttons, for example). If these pieces fit inside an empty toilet paper roll, choose another toy. This can cause accidents.
  • Always prefer products that have battery compartments closed with screws and that can only be opened with a tool.
  • Be very careful with toys with long wires: they must not exceed 22cm so that the child is not able to wrap it around his neck.
  • Toys with folding feet, such as ironing boards or trestles, must have a support system to prevent fingers from being trapped.

And at home, what care should we take with toys?

  • Remove the toy from its packaging and, especially if it is plastic, do not give it to the child. Check if you have kept the identification and address of the manufacturer or importer, necessary data if a problem occurs.
  • Prevent the little ones from playing with the amusements of older children, especially when there is a small component.
  • Periodically review toys. Throw away those that are damaged and offer other children those that are in perfect condition, but are no longer a cause for play.

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