Leiria, innovative district

The special section “Destino Leiria” is part of the strategic investment that Jornal Económico has been making in different regions of the country.

The special section “Destino Leiria” is part of the strategic commitment that Jornal Económico has been making in different regions of the country. We want to make known the entrepreneurs, companies and success stories that create jobs and wealth in Portugal. The Leiria Region is an excellent example of a district that contributes positively to the country's development and trade balance, due to the strongly innovative and exporting profile of its companies.

However, the future will demand even more from the Region, its people and its companies. The digital revolution is changing the way we live, work, learn and consume. Leiria will have to make the most of its potential to become a hub of technological companies. To this end, similarly to what has also been done in districts such as Aveiro and Braga, the connection between companies and higher education establishments will be crucial to achieve this objective of creating a small “Silicon Valley” in Leiria. Another decisive aspect will be the ability to attract and retain talent in the Region, combating aging and desertification. Leiria has several strengths, namely geographic location, quality of life, climate and nature. But more is needed to attract qualified young people and in this Special we try to find out how companies, municipalities and higher education institutions face this and other challenges.


Who's afraid of the second wave?

Talking about the second wave can create a false sense of security, as it indicates that we are on a break, in a time of freedom until it arrives. The clearest argument, in the end, is this - the virus hasn't left yet, so talking about its return doesn't make sense.

ACS strategic vision

Yuval Noah Harari and António Costa Silva anticipate several possible conjectures for the future of work and the economy, based on technological changes, and not only, which are on the way to implanting themselves at various levels and rhythms in our societies, institutions or companies.

The “good bank”

It is urgent to suspend this sale of NB assets at a loss. Unfortunately, the bank continues to warrant a short rein. Worst of all is to note that the country seems forever to be looted.