“L'Equipe 'highlights Luis Filipe Vieira's reelection despite“ judicial background ”

The leading French newspaper underlines the re-election of Luís Filipe Vieira as president of SL Benfica, stating that “he starts his sixth term with a judicial record”, to which he adds the president's statements about his role in all these cases: “I did not commit a crime none".

The elections for the presidency of SL Benfica were highlighted in the French sports newspaper, "L'Équipe", which refers to the judicial background of re-elected president, Luís Filipe Vieira, and to the controversial publication of the Portuguese international, Bernardo Silva, where he criticizes the linking the 'incarnate' to “hundreds of legal and corruption cases.

The French newspaper underlines the re-election of businessman Luís Filipe Vieira, stating that he “starts his sixth term with a judicial record”, to which he adds the president's statements about his role in all these cases: “I have not committed any crime”.

The publication also highlights the fact that 38 thousand SL Benfica members participated in the elections, of which 62,6% voted for the current president and 34,7% chose the candidate João Noronha Lopes.

The intervention, during the campaign, of the Portuguese international, Bernardo Silva, also deserved the attention of the French press, who cited the publication where the Manchester City player, trained in SL Benfica and assumed the 'eagles' fan, laments that “the club be associated with hundreds of legal and corruption cases that ruin your name ”.

Vieira: more votes and more voters

Luís Filipe Vieira was re-elected to the presidency of Benfica, for the sixth term, by adding more votes and more voters, in all ranks, in the club's most participated suffrage ever, which took place on Wednesday.

According to the results of the electoral act, announced by the chairman of the club's General Assembly Board, Virgílio Duque Vieira, Luís Filipe Vieira, who has led the 'incarnates' since 2003, totaled 471.660 votes (62,59%), corresponding to 22.787 voters (59,8%).

In the most participated elections ever, in which 38.102 members exercised the right to vote, for a total of 753.578 votes, the number reached by the 'incarnate' president exceeds, by more than one hundred, the total number of voters of the previous most participated vote (22.676 ), which went back to Vieira's victory over Rui Rangel, in 2012.

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