LG enters the solar energy market in Portugal

The company's solution has “photovoltaic modules, an energy storage system and an air-water heat pump”.


Cell phones, appliances, televisions and now ... photovoltaic panels. LG entered the solar energy market in Portugal with a strategy that goes from commercialization to installation. The brand guarantees that this is the “only fully integrated energy solution in the world”.

In the country, LG has a network of partners ready to provide "technical and commercial support in all phases of the work, from planning and design to the installation and maintenance of energy equipment and systems".

For domestic customers, LG recalls that this new offer of photovoltaic panels, the Smart Home Energy Package, can be integrated with the solutions of «Home Entertainment, Home & Appliances and Air Conditioning» and managed from the ThinQ app, which already served to control various Korean brand equipment.

LG's solution has "photovoltaic modules, an energy storage system and an air-water heat pump" and allows "not only to generate solar energy but also to store it intelligently for use when needed". The solar panels are NeOn (three models, with a 25-year warranty) and the air-to-water heat pumps are Therma V R32.

About prices of this solution, effective availability and lead times for the assembly of this system, LG did not give any information nor does its national website have any specific information about solar panels, despite already having a separate one with ThermaV solutions.

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