LinkedIn: new tool will end with gaffes in the pronunciation of names

The decision will be made this month and aims to influence the lives of the 690 million users of LinkedIn, but this tool could not be used by users with hearing difficulties. The company guarantees that it is working to create “accessibility features”

Cristina Bernardo

LinkedIn plans to add a new tool to the platform that allows users to hear how other members of the social network pronounce their own names, according to The Wall Street Journal. The decision will be made this month and aims to influence the lives of the 690 million LinkedIn users.

“Everyone, including me, makes mistakes when pronouncing other people's names,” Joseph Akoni, responsible for LinkedIn's product management. "I realized this by my Nigerian middle name - there is a 99% chance that someone will not pronounce correctly on the first attempt," he said.

Updating the LinkedIn interface will allow users to record up to 10 seconds. On the other hand, whoever is listening will need to press a small button on the profile of the person to whom they want to hear the audio.

"If you don't have an unusual name, you will never really know the daily effort involved in having one," said Emma Nabridnyj, freelance editorial director in London.

Despite its usefulness, the new tool cannot be used by deaf or hearing impaired users. LinkedIn guaranteed that it is working towards “creating accessibility resources”.


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