Lisbon stock exchange retreated under pressure from NOS, BCP and Galp

Leading the gains is EDP Renováveis ​​which rises 1,58% to 14,12 euros, followed by EDP which increases 1,14% to 4,27 euros. EDP ​​announced on Thursday that it had issued $ 850 million in 'green debt' with the aim of financing renewable energy projects.

Justin Lane / EPA via Lusa

The Lisbon stock exchange continues on negative ground and loses 0,13% to 4.281,18 points in this Friday's session.

Outside, Paris drops 0,46%, Madrid loses 1,20% and Frankfurt falls 0,04%.

On the loss side, Nos leads the way by falling 1,58% to 3,25 euros, followed by BCP, which loses 1,51% to 0,09 euros.

Highlight for Galp, which depreciated 1,33% to 8,92 euros, and Mota-Engil, which decreased 0,91% to 1,30 euros.

Sonae, on the other hand, loses 0,83% to 0,60 euros.

Leading the gains is EDP Renováveis, which rose 1,58% to 14,12 euros, followed by EDP, which increased 1,14% to 4,27 euros.

This is followed by Semapa, which gains 0,75% to 8,09 euros, and Ibersol, which gains 0,37% to 5,44 euros.

Highlight for Sonaecom, which gains 0,29% to 0,70 euros.

EDP ​​is the most traded company with 1,6 million shares exchanged, followed by Galp with 1,5 million shares, and Jerónimo Martins with 657 thousand shares.

On Thursday, EDP announced that it had issued $ 850 million in green debt (green bonds) for seven years, with an interest of 1,71%. The Portuguese electric company placed debt in US currency for the first time, in what was the sixth place in green debt.

“This issue is intended to finance or refinance, in whole or in part, the EDP group's portfolio of renewable projects”, such as wind or solar power plants, announced the electrical company on Thursday night.

In Europe, the decline in the main markets occurs at a time when many new cases of coronavirus are appearing across the continent, with markets concerned about the negative impacts of a second wave in the European economic recovery.

In Spain, Bankia continues to fall 2% after Caixabank assessed the institution at 4,3 billion euros. The two banks are finalizing preparations for this operation that will create the largest Spanish bank.

EDP ​​places US $ 850 million in green bonds, in the first issue in US currency

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