Madeira unanimously approves protest vote for lack of endorsement by the Republic

At issue was the State's rejection of a guarantee for a loan of 458 million euros, which Madeira is going to contract, in order to respond to the effects caused by the pandemic.

The Legislative Assembly of Madeira unanimously approved a protest vote to the Government of the Republic for not granting a loan guarantee of 458 million euros to overcome the effects of the covid-19 pandemic in the region.

The leader of the PSD majority, the party that proposed the initiative, Jaime Filipe Ramos, said that the position of the Socialist Executive of the Republic was “incomprehensible”, since “the fate of the loan” was known, which aimed at “giving answers to families, companies, respond to health and the pandemic ”.

JPP deputy Élvio Sousa corroborated the opinion, classifying the position of the central executive and the parliamentarian of the PCP, Ricardo Lume, as “incomprehensible and unfortunate this lack of solidarity” of the State towards the region.

Despite having voted in favor, the leader of the PS bench, Miguel Iglésias, countered that the majority in Madeira "insists on the political-partisan guerrilla policy", saying that the head of the Madeiran executive has even "quarreled with the President of the Republic" , involving him in this process.


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