Marques Mendes wants “complete investigation” of Novo Banco

The PSD's political commentator considers that the Portuguese have every right to know the whole truth about BES's heir. And it waits for the prosecutor to act accordingly.

Political commentator Luís Marques Mendes said he did not understand that the Government is already stating that "the worst is over" in the same week that it became known that the drop in GDP in the third quarter was more than 16%. In a comment on SIC - from the Algarve - the former PSD leader said that in all circumstances “the truth is always more worth” than the lie.

Marques Mendes also said that the recovery plan needs to “move forward as fast as possible”. Before he arrived, the commentator said that “the simplified lay-off should have been maintained” at least until the end of the year, as there are many companies that continue to be in difficulty.

Marques Mendes also spoke about Novo Banco, to affirm that “everything should already be clarified”. "Novo Banco has to realize that it is not a private bank like the others", which committed two deadly sins: "it has not yet clarified" the doubts surrounding the real estate business that have been in the news.

But this is just one of the bank's mistakes: “the other mistake was lending money to those who bought it. It is not a legal problem, it is a problem for a company linked to the State to be financing an off-shore ”.

But Marques Mendes also did not forget to mention that there is “a lot of hypocrisy” in the process: “if you had 3,9 billion euros available, what are you waiting for?” Asked Marques Mendes - who is waiting for a “Complete investigation of this situation”.

Albino Almeida

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