Metro do Porto signed an extension contract of 98,9 million

Three kilometers will be added to the Yellow Line of Metro do Porto, connecting Santo Ovídio to Vila d'Este and reinforcing the coverage in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Metro of Porto

Metro do Porto signed a contract for 98,9 million euros with the Ferrovial / ACA consortium for the extension of the Yellow Line and “is about to be able to start the works”, revealed the company's source this Thursday.

Metro do Porto explained to Lusa that the contract was signed on Wednesday, November 25, and that the "work will start after validation by the Court of Auditors".

The contract, whose award value is 98,9 million euros and which will run until the end of 2023, will add three kilometers to the Yellow Line, connecting Santo Ovídio to Vila d'Este and “reinforcing the Metro's coverage in Vila Nova of Gaia ”.

Quoted in the press release sent to Lusa, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Metro do Porto, Tiago Braga, says that “conditions are now created for the Yellow Line works to go to the land”.

We started November with the signing of the Linha Rosa contract and ended the month with the signing of the Yellow Line contract. This is good news, particularly now that we can move on to extend to Vila d'Este, where the potential for demand is intense, ”he says.

Metro do Porto is now awaiting the obtaining of a prior visa from the Court of Auditors to “execute both contracts”. Tiago Braga adds that “Metro do Porto makes a point of scrupulously complying with all its legal, procedural and environmental obligations and in full respect for what is the supervisory function of public entities, such as the Court of Auditors”.

The signing of the contract for the extension of the Yellow Line, which had been awarded in July, was “pending the lifting of the suspensive effects of actions brought by private individuals to the international public tender”. The transport operator appealed and the Porto Administrative and Tax Court upheld the company's foresight, ceasing to exist “any impediment to the progress of the process”.

The construction of the Pink Line and the extension of the Yellow Line represent a total investment of more than 407 million euros, and in addition to this, Metro do Porto has a contract to supply 18 material compositions for its fleet, worth 50 million euros.

The new vehicles, intended to accompany the expansion of the network, will be delivered between 2021 and 2023 ″, adds Metro do Porto.

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