Metropolitan Transport of Lisbon approved by the Metropolitan Council

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon owns the entire company, which goes to the assets of the company OTLIS - Transport Operators of the Lisbon Region.

The Lisbon Metropolitan Council unanimously approved this Thursday the constitution of the company TML - Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, the respective statutes - that define the composition of the object, share capital, management principles, governing bodies, mobility council and technology advisory board - and the economic feasibility study ”, says TML - Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, in a statement.

Recalling that TML is 100% owned by the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, the company “will be the entity responsible, in particular, for the management of the public service of road transport in the metropolitan area, installation of a technological platform that integrates the ticketing and information to the public (among other potentialities), development of studies and plans, and implementation of accessibility, mobility and transport policies ”.

The statement goes on to state that “the Lisbon Metropolitan Council also unanimously approved the terms of reference for the integration and transfer of the assets of the company OTLIS - Transport Operators of the Lisbon Region in TML and the draft of the delegation and sub-delegation inter-administrative contract competencies ”.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon will define the annual guidelines for the TML and approve the management documents and other accountability instruments. “The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon will also be responsible for defining the general mobility and transport measures and policies, and approving the instruments for organizing, planning, developing and articulating the public passenger transport service networks and lines and the equipment and infrastructure” .

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon will also determine “the tariff regimes, the public service obligations and the general rules regarding the fixing of maximum prices and tariff updates”.

The mayors of the 18 municipalities that make up the Lisbon Metropolitan Area will be an integral part of the TML metropolitan mobility council.

During the meeting, “two budget changes and the sharing of charges and the pledge of pluriannual commitments for the acquisition and implementation of forest video surveillance systems and support for the operational decision in the Arrábida Natural Park, Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and Mafra were also approved during the meeting , and for the execution of projects for the ticketing and public information system ”, concludes the communiqué.


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