One of the volunteers who participated in the AstraZeneca vaccine tests died

The health authority Anvisa informs that, despite the death of the Brazilian volunteer, tests on the experimental vaccine of this pharmaceutical company would continue, because the Brazilian citizen would not be receiving the drug but the placebo.

The Brazilian health authority Anvisa revealed this Wednesday, October 21, that one of the volunteers died in the clinical trial of the vaccine for Covid-19 that is being developed by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

In a statement to which “Reuters” had access, the National Health Surveillance Agency based in Brasília said that despite the death of the volunteer, the vaccine tests would continue, without providing further details, citing the medical confidentiality of those involved in the trials. The international press reports that sources linked to clinical trials said that the volunteer would not be receiving the drug but the placebo - hence the tests are not interrupted.

Separately, the Federal University of São Paulo, which is helping to coordinate phase 3 clinical trials in Brazil, explained that the volunteer was Brazilian, but did not say where he lived.

The federal government of Brazil has plans to buy the vaccine from the United Kingdom and produce it at its biomedical research center FioCruz, in Rio de Janeiro, while a vaccine competing with the Chinese Sinova that is being tested by the research center of the Butantan Institute of the state of São Paulo.

However, today, President Jair Bolsonaro reported on the request for the cancellation of the protocol for the purchase of 46 million doses of the CoronaVac vaccine, which is being tested by the Butantan Institute of São Paulo, according to “Globo”. “I already had it canceled. I am the president, I do not give up my authority. Even because I would be buying a vaccine that nobody is interested in, except us ”, guaranteed JairBolsonaro.

The news about the death of the Astrazeneca volunteer, as well as the request by the President of Brazil to cancel the protocol with CoronaVac, follow the announcement that the current Minister of Health in Brazil has tested positive for Covid-19.

Brazil has more than 154 thousand deaths from the disease caused by the new coronavirus, just behind the United States. It is the third country with the most confirmed cases, accounting for more than 5,2 million infected people, after the United States and India.

The announcement led AstraZeneca's shares to fall 1,7%.

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The Brazilian Ministry of Health did not provide further details on the health status of Pazuello, who is a general in the Army, and has been in the portfolio since May, when he replaced the previous minister, Nelson Teich.

Brazil to buy 46 million doses of Coronavac vaccine

“The government of São Paulo reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health for the acquisition, via SUS, of 46 million doses of the Coronavac vaccine, developed in an international partnership between the biopharmaceutical Sinovac Life Science and the Butantan Institute, by the end of December 2020 ”, the São Paulo authorities indicated.

Covid-19: Chinese vaccine proved safe in tests in Brazil

Coronavac, vaccine against the new coronavirus from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac, in the third phase of development, proved to be safe in tests carried out in Brazil, announced today the governor of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, João Doria.

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In a bulletin released today, the National Institute of Medical Emergency states that on November 22, 18 workers were infected, 38 in prophylactic isolation and 16 professionals were under surveillance by the INEM Infection and Resistance Control Commission (CCIRA), the highest record since the beginning of the pandemic.

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