PremiumMultidisciplinary firms divide lawyers

PS prepares draft law to reorganize orders, paving the way for the creation of companies composed of lawyers and other professionals. Chairman is against, but the class is divided.

The PS is preparing a draft law to reorganize professional orders, which will open the door to the creation of multidisciplinary societies composed of lawyers and other professionals, such as auditors and consultants. As happened the last time the subject was under discussion, during the Passos Coelho Government, it is a fracturing issue in the class, including among the leaders of large Portuguese offices. If some fear the banalization of the profession, others consider that Portugal can learn from the experiences of countries like Spain and France, where multidisciplinarity is allowed, allowing it to serve customers better.

The president of the Bar Association, Luís Menezes Leitão, considers that multidisciplinary societies are an attack that has been directed at professional orders. To Jornal Económico (JE), Menezes Leitão admits that he expected to have received nominations from deputies and to see the draft law before its publication. “The attack was expressed in the parliamentary days of the PS. The initiatives are absurd, totally prejudicial to the public interest and the rights of citizens and may lead auditors to engage in the practice of law, which seems to us to be a serious violation of people's rights. Societies would have partners to make decisions and deliberations on matters that would not be subject to certain deontological rules ”, he asserts.

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