No good winds, no good marriages?

There are workers who do not accept that their banking company is seen, by the shareholders, in a purely extractivist logic that would have delighted any company of the Indies of old times.

Heads who announce that so-and-so is supernumerary and can wait at home, that a later contact will be made to be presented with a termination proposal.

Once upon a time there was a bank from a small but prosperous peninsular region. And it has become great in two decades.

A bank that knew how to be patient, waiting for moments of crisis for others, to grow through acquisitions and absorptions, often at the request of the authorities.

And so, tiptoe, he jumped from a mere regional relevance to a potentate in his country, first; in the neighboring country (ours) afterwards; Europe and the Americas followed.

A bank that knew how, like few companies in the world, to cultivate the circles of science and university education, thereby gaining relevance, notoriety and affective capital within the circles of power and published opinion.

But a bank that, due to slow stops, perhaps receiving bad winds from the neighboring country, seems to want to align itself in a restructuring, playful euphemism for the unemployment of hundreds of bank workers. The same ones that managed to make this bank a milestone in profitability and customer service.

Workers who do not accept that their banking company is seen by shareholders in a purely extractive logic that would have delighted any company in the Indies of old.

Heads who announce that someone is supernumerary, ignoring the duties that are up to employers. Meetings to present conditions of termination, first, and communication of decision by the worker. With the latter refusing, over and over again, the 'offer'. And the phone call, some time later, asking if he doesn't want to change his position, because intransigence doesn't seem sensible. Perhaps ignoring that bullying is ugly, unworthy and criminally punished.

Where, in violation of the laws of the Republic, workers are relocated, geographically, without having the right to notice that allows to reconstitute displacement and reconciliation with family and school obligations.

In a bank that we have become accustomed to admiring, this behavior should be such as to question the notables, the published opinion and the circles of policy makers, so far close to the bank, if they see themselves in this behavior.

Because we are not in line with the violation of laws and rights. Just as we never give up our duties.

The author writes according to the old spelling.


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