Novo Banco has a loan portfolio of 100 million for sale

The revelation was made at a conference to talk about the “bank of the future”, organized by Negócios, António Ramalho joked when talking about the NPL portfolio that is already on sale: “it’s not called 'Nata 3' because we thought it was good to call this with names more connected to rugby players. Which became fashionable after my colleague [Miguel Maya] launched two processes on the market based on rugby ”.

Cristina Bernardo

The revelation was made at the conference “Banca do Futuro”, organized by Jornal de Negócios. "We already have a process underway that is currently on the market," said Novo Banco's CEO, António Ramalho.

Eco said that the portfolio of NPL (badly matched) that is on the market in the amount of 100 million euros is composed of secured and unsecured credits, and is called Project Carter. Jornal Económico confirmed that the Carter Project is already on the market and that it is a portfolio of that amount, composed of granular non-performing loans, with collateral and without, and that a larger portfolio will be launched by the end of the year.

This follows the withdrawal of the Nata 3 project, reported by Jornal Económico. Novo Banco gave up on selling the bad debt portfolio called “Nata 3”, which was 75% composed of non-performing loans covered by the Resolution Fund's Contingent Capitalization Mechanism (CCA). Nata 3 was comprised of non-performing credits worth 1,2 billion euros.

At the Business online conference, António Ramalho joked in the presence of Miguel Maya, CEO of BCP, saying “we are already a little late because one of my colleagues who is sitting here arrived at the market earlier than I did because of this momentary discussion [about the sale of assets at a discount] and will certainly benefit from having more investors looking for the type of credits that I am also selling, more granular ”, he said.

Like the Jornal Económico advanced first-hand, BCP, has on the market the problematic asset portfolios “Webb” and “Ellis” in the global amount of 750 million euros.

Today it became known that BCP named the asset portfolios after the name of the “father” of modern rugby - William Webb Ellis the New Bank decided to follow the idea by naming the project “Carter”, the NPL portfolio that is on sale, in reference to New Zealand rugby player Dan Carter.

“It's not called 'Nata 3' because we thought it best to name it with names more connected to rugby players. Rugby became fashionable after my colleague also launched two processes on the market based on rugby ”, quipped António Ramalho.

"It is the symbolism of the fighters who never give up and who want to ensure the effectiveness and fulfillment of their goals in the market," said the banker.

The CEO of Novo Banco even said: “there are now three processes with a rugby symbol on the market”, revealing that he will launch yet another portfolio that has no name yet, but will have a name linked to rugby, and that should be in the market by at the end of the year. The Eco revealed that it will also have the name of a rugby player, but it will be 200 million euros.

The revelation took place at the online conference to talk about the “bank of the future” where the executive presidents of the five largest national banks participated: António Ramalho, president of the executive committee of Novo Banco; João Pedro Oliveira e Costa, CEO of BPI; Miguel Maya, president of the Millennium BCP Executive Committee; Paulo Macedo, chairman of CGD's Executive Committee; and Pedro Castro e Almeida, CEO of Santander Portugal.

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