Novo Banco: João Leão considers that the brake “violates the budgetary framework law” and admits asking the Constitutional to inspect

The finance minister told Renascença that he admits sending the measure to the Constitutional Court.

Minister of State and Finance, João Leão

The Finance Minister considers that the measure that approves a brake on the transfer of 476 million euros to Novo Banco in 2021 does not comply with the law.

"The approved proposal violates the budgetary framework law," said João Leão this Thursday in Parliament, before the State Budget was approved in its final vote.

"We will do everything so that no one gets burned in this process," said the minister.

João Leão also stressed that the PSD “seems ashamed of what it just approved”, a measure by the Bloco de Esquerda.

Speaking to Rádio Renascença in Parliament, the minister even admitted sending the measure to the Constitutional Court because he considers it to be unconstitutional.

“One of the possibilities is to have the Constitutional Court inspect the rule”, replied João Leão to the Renaissance.

The Finance Minister also said today that “more sense of responsibility” is needed after Parliament has definitively failed to transfer 476 million euros to Novo Banco in 2021.

"There has to be a sense of responsibility in the country," said João Leão in a short statement to RTP on the Lost Steps in Parliament this Thursday.

The statement was made immediately after the lead of the proposal, in a new vote after this brake was first approved on Wednesday night.

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