New PCP central committee elected with 98,5%. Jerónimo de Sousa should be re-elected as secretary general

The new PCP central committee was elected today at the XXI national congress of communists, in Loures, with 98,5% of the votes. Jerónimo de Sousa, 73, leader of the Communists for 16 years, since 2004, is expected to be re-elected for another four-year term.

Jerónimo de Sousa, during the closing rally of the 44th edition of the Festa do Avante, which took place at Quinta da Atalaia, Amora, Seixal | António Cotrim / Lusa

Of the 611 delegates, 602 voted in favor, six abstained and three voted against in the election that took place behind closed doors at the Paz e Amizade pavilion in Loures, Lisbon, announced Luísa Araújo, member of the PCP secretariat, in a statement to journalists no questions asked.

The list, proposed by the previous central committee, is composed of 129 names, 19 of them newcomers, with 33 members leaving, among them Carlos Carvalhas, Arménio Carlos and Agostinho Lopes.

According to Luísa Araújo, the composition “corresponds to the characteristics of the PCP, is composed of a majority of workers and employees, more than 67%” and there is also “a strong component of workers, 44,9%”.

Four years ago, the central committee was elected with 98,67% of the vote.

In the evening, the new central committee will elect the secretary general and executive bodies - secretariat and political commission - but the organization of the congress only plans to announce the results on Sunday morning.

Jerónimo de Sousa, 73, leader of the Communists for 16 years, since 2004, is expected to be re-elected for another four-year term.

Sunday is the third and last day of the congress in which the results of the elections will be announced, the proposal for a political resolution, or theses, is voted.

The congress ends with a speech by the secretary general of the communists.

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