New York State to sue association promoting personal weapons

The powerful NRA, the National Rifle Association, will be prosecuted for corruption and embezzlement of funds for personal interests. Donald Trump has already come to defend the organization, which had Barack Obama as one of its biggest enemies.

REUTERS / Charles Platiau

The Attorney General of the State of New York filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful association that has been doing everything against any political will to prevent, or at least diminish, the possibility of Americans buying personal weapons. The court's decision is supported by the allegation that the organization's oldest (nonprofit) leaders have diverted millions of dollars for personal use and to buy the silence and loyalty of former government officials.

The lawsuit filed in a Manhattan court and by Attorney General Letitia James claims that NRA leaders paid for themselves trips to the Bahamas, private planes and expensive meals that contributed to a $ 64 million reduction in the NRA balance sheet in just three years, turning a positive balance into losses.

The NRA responded by suing Letitia James herself in federal court, saying the prosecutor had violated the NRA's right to freedom of expression and trying to block her investigation. The prosecutor alleged in a statement quoted by Reuters that NRA leaders "used millions and millions of NRA reserves for personal use", failing to comply with NRA's own internal policies, in addition to state and federal laws.

In announcing the lawsuit, Letitiua James said that the NRA "functioned as a breeding ground for greed, abuse and blatant illegality", and added that "no one is above the law". The lawsuit is against the NRA and four of its most prominent leaders, including Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president who has been in charge of the organization for almost three decades.

The suit pits Letitia James, a Democrat, against the United States' largest and most powerful arms sector organization, which is closely aligned with President Donald Trump's Republican Party. The NRA is revered by conservatives as a champion of constitutional law in the United States and vilified by liberals as a facilitator of rampant armed violence and by firearm massacres that occur with chilling regularity in the country. Former President Barack Obama was one of the most notable opponents of the NRA - but the truth is that over two terms he was unable to enforce a ban on arms sales, as was his intention.

Trump was quick to classify the lawsuit against the NRA as "a terrible thing", suggesting that the organization should register in the state of Texas, much more favorable to gun ownership.

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