Night clubs in China have already started to open with masks and disinfectant

Despite having reopened its doors in March, after being closed for six weeks, the business took some time to return to normal.

Nightclubs in China have already started to reopen after long months in confinement as they have been hit hard by the new coronavirus. Now, with the numbers already under control, the clubs open but the masks, disinfectant gel and disposable cups are part of the experience of the new normal, according to 'Reuters'.

According to the publication, signs of social detachment are active in all corners of the 44KW club, and many customers who wanted to leave the house after months of isolation, but decided to keep their distance between friends and acquaintances while dancing.

Despite having reopened its doors in March, after being closed for six weeks, the business took some time to return to normal. "There weren't many customers because most people were very concerned about their safety," said the owner of the space.

In April, the business started to improve but it is still far from the values ​​reached in the previous year, and the procedures for entering the space are being much tighter, with the night club measuring the body temperature of all customers who want to enter and employees are required to wear a mask and gloves during service.

According to 'Reuters', nightclubs have been the source of the second wave that some cities in Asia have already started to feel, and in South Korea many have already closed the spaces again for fear of being considered the new focus.


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