OE2021: Non-registered deputy Cristina Rodrigues abstains and guarantees viability in general

The debate on the State Budget for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in parliament, being voted, in general, on the last day.

Cristina Rodrigues

The non-registered deputy Cristina Rodrigues announced on Monday that she will abstain from voting in the majority of the 2021 State Budget proposal, which mathematically guarantees the viability of the document. It should be recalled that, in addition to the favorable vote of the 108 deputies of the PS, the PCP and the PAN announced that they will abstain, the non-registered Joacine Katar Moreira says that she is undecided between approval and abstention, and the ENP should also announce that abstains, so the maximum votes against, among PSD, Left Block, CDS, Liberal Initiative and Chega does not go beyond 105 and would never supplant the socialists even in the very unlikely scenario in which the "Greens" decided to vote against.

The abstention announcement was made in a communiqué by the former PAN deputy, justifying the viability in general with the opinion that the State Budget “has good things and tries to respond as far as possible to the needs created by the pandemic caused by Covid-19” . Despite this, Cristina Rodrigues admits that the document "maintains weaknesses in areas that existed before and that are now more accentuated, as is the case of the culture, environment and animal welfare policies".

The voting orientation in the final global vote remains open, and Cristina Rodrigues pointed out that she has already submitted a set of proposals to António Costa's Executive, including the possible implementation of an unconditional basic income project, a pilot project for the opening birth centers, creating the figure of the psychologist at work and fiscal forgiveness or debt negotiation for the period of the pandemic without penalties for professionals in the cultural sector.

“This Budget only seems to disclose pet animals, keeping wild animals or animals used for livestock in oblivion, in addition to the fact that even with regard to pet animals, although it is positive that there is an increase in the value intended for improving animal collection centers, the value for sterilizations is clearly insufficient. Worse, the discrepancy between one value and the other shows that there is still a bet on a system of 'depositing' animals when what needs to be done is to reduce the number of births ”, adds the non-registered deputy.

The debate on the State Budget for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in Parliament, being voted, in general, on that last day. Being approved, as is guaranteed even before the ENP ruled, the discussion, negotiation and voting on the specialty follows, with the final global vote scheduled for November 26th.


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