PremiumNuno Moreira: “The 'green hydrogen' projects are not megalomaniacs”

Dourogás' executive president says that the size of the 'green hydrogen' projects is appropriate to the market conditions in Portugal and that, in the short term, the price of this fuel will tend to approximate the price of natural gas.

The Dourogás Group, a leader in vehicular natural gas, invests in the production of 'green hydrogen' and considers that the decarbonisation of the Portuguese economy cannot be done with electricity alone, needing 'renewable natural gas' and 'green hydrogen'.

The selection of competitors for investment projects in the production of the so-called 'green hydrogen' is already known. Do you think that the production of 'green hydrogen' and alternative fuels associated with Natural Gas (NG) and Natural Gas (CNG) will be able to move forward in 2020?
Yes. It seems to me that the renewable gas development agenda, densified in more detail in one of the renewable gases which is 'green hydrogen', has seen important developments, since the initiatives of the PNEC - National Energy and Climate Plan, which , in a first version they were based on an almost total electrification of the economy, but that later fell into realism, exactly with the responses of the Portuguese stakeholders and several institutions, who told the Government that it would probably not be possible to totally decarbonize the economy and the country only with electricity, it is necessary to add renewable gases and, in the front line, renewable hydrogen to electricity.

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How will the new lay off be? Know all the measures

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JE Exclusive: Closing of David Neeleman's exit deal from TAP concluded today

Three months after his departure was announced, this Thursday the contracts that formalize the departure of the North American businessman from the Portuguese airline are being signed.