OE2021: Catarina Martins says that viability by BE is on the Government's side

The coordinator of the Bloco de Esquerda warned today that the viability of the State Budget party in general is on the side of the Government, registering the marking of negotiations after declarations "untempered" of the PS.

António Cotrim / Lusa

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a visit to the NAV Portugal Ocean Control Center on the island of Santa Maria, as part of the campaign for the Azores regional elections, Catarina Martins stressed that, “looking at the small print” of the State Budget for 2021, it is clear that what “is announced will have no impact on people's lives and does not respond to the country's needs”.

“O que precisamos não é de um Orçamento que faz anúncios mais ou menos iguais aos anúncios do Orçamento passado. O que precisamos é de um Orçamento que responda mesmo por um ano muito duro de crise com muita responsabilidade. E para isso é preciso a proteção social para acudir às vitimas da crise. E para isso é preciso que o SNS tenha os profissionais [de que necessita]”, acrescentou.

Asked if the viability of the State Budget in general by the BE is on the side of the Government, Catarina Martins replied: “The Government knows that yes”.

“The Government knows the priorities of Bloco de Esquerda: contain the wave of redundancies, support the victims of the crisis, have a national health service that responds and have transparency criteria in the way public funds are used. This is absolute wisdom, ”he said.

Regarding the summons for a negotiation meeting with the Government on Tuesday, Catarina Martins noted that it comes after "untimely statements" by the PS, in reference to the fact that she was accused by the Socialists of lying.

“The Government, realizing that [these statements] were meaningless, scheduled the meetings, which we have, in fact, been waiting for and have been available for a long time,” he said.

The Assembly of the Republic begins on the 27th to debate the Government's proposal for the State Budget for 2021, with the vote generally scheduled for the following day.

Na terça-feira, o BE sublinhou que as divergências sobre o Orçamento do Estado para 2021 não são sobre detalhes, “mantendo a porta aberta” para que o PS reconsidere em quatro matérias, sem as quais não tem condições para viabilizar o documento.

The National Bureau of BE will meet on the 25th to decide the party's vote in general.

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