OE2021: Costa meets on Tuesday with the Left Block, PCP and PAN

The prime minister meets on Tuesday with the Left Bloc, PCP and PAN to seek an agreement to make the Government's State Budget proposal for 2021 viable, the executive's source told Lusa.

António Pedro Santos / Lusa

On Wednesday, according to the same source, António Costa will also have a meeting on the State Budget with the ENP, another of the PS's parliamentary partners since November 2015.

The Assembly of the Republic begins on October 27 to debate the Government's proposal for the State Budget for 2021, with the vote generally scheduled for the following day, 28.

Fontes do Governo e da direção do PS referiram à agência Lusa que o executivo de António Costa ainda não dispõe até hoje de quaisquer garantias políticas dos parceiros parlamentares dos socialistas para a viabilização do Orçamento e que a próxima semana será “decisiva” em relação aos resultados das negociações.


OE2021: Union federation requested changes to BE and PS

The Federation of Public Administration Unions (FESAP) today asked deputies from the Left Bloc and the Socialist Party to propose changes to the State Budget (OE) for 2021 to respond to the demands of public officials.

Latin America is the region most affected by fake news about covid

the Bruno Kessler Foundation's Covid-19 Infodemia Observatory states that, of the 83 countries under study, the 15, where the reliability of information about the disease disseminated through digital media is the lowest, are found in Latin America, where 59 % of what is published is considered “reliable”.

Covid-19: Pharmacist Chairman Says Health Failed Winter Planning

The staff of pharmacists defended today that the country, namely in the area of ​​Health, failed to prepare for the autumn-winter period and criticized the “very irregular communication” that has been made of the pandemic, which is not combated with “norms”.