Oh my gosh!

Apparently, there is no shortage of religions and gods out there, but nothing compares to the new religion that Trump wants to create, whose fundamental precept is: send who is in second place.

The Institute of Registries and Notaries issued an opinion denying the use of a citizen who wants to have the photograph on the citizen's card with a colander on his head because his religion is Pastafarianismo, whose God is the Flying Spaghetti Monster which encourages the faithful to wear such clothing. His sacred book is the “Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”, written by Bobby Henderson and published in 2006. Spaghetti is the holy communion (the host) of His Pastitude the Flying Spaghetti Monster and a pasta pasta eats it whenever he eats it. can.

Contrary to what the opinion implies, Pastafarianismo is a true religion, recognized in the Netherlands in 2016, the year in which the first Pastafarian wedding was celebrated in New Zealand, with pasta at the wedding reception. A pastafariano is recognizable by saying "R'Amém" instead of "Amém" and saying "In the name of spaghetti, tomato sauce and minced meat". It is an abuse to compare the Monster to the Invisible Pink Unicorn, which is the deity of a satirical religion, or to invoke for discussion the Bertrand Russell Kettle, which would gravitate between Earth and Mars.

I am sensitive to the issue because I have already confessed that I profess Jediism, created in 2001 in the United States. I believe in the Force, and I hope it is with you, unlike Covid. We are 400 thousand in the United Kingdom alone, but it is in New Zealand, with 53 thousand, that we are more per capita. For one of us was put on the street by an employment center in England for refusing to take off his cloak; the apology made to us afterwards does not erase this shame.

I just wish that in Portugal other religions would be treated as is the Maradonian Church in Argentina. It is true that it is older, founded in 1998, which puts us today in 22 AD (after Diego), and even has a pentagram D10S (Diós, 10 is the number of Maradona). Its purpose is to keep alive the passion and magic with which Deus Diego played football, with his head, feet and hand. Being a member of the Maradonian Church gives up free games in the casinoonlineargentina.

There are many other examples, such as the Cao Dai, from Vietnam, who order the 72 planets where there is life from what is close to Heaven, position 1, to what is close to Hell, 72; the Earth is 68. The symbol of this religion is the left eye of God. Or Frisbeetarianism, which says that when we die we are stuck to the ceiling until someone takes us out of there with a long stick and our life starts over.

Or the Church of the Apocalypse, for whom we must live each relationship as if it were the last, hence the dialogue: - Does João have a new girlfriend? - Yes, he is apocalyping like crazy! And if walking with a colander on your head seems strange, how about the 700-year-old practice at the Grishneshwar Temple in India, of throwing 15-meter-high babies onto a sheet to make them smarter and luckier? But there is nothing like the new religion that Trump wants to create, whose fundamental precept is: send who comes second.


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