Our Future

The figures illustrate the scenario imposed on us in recent months with clarity that is difficult to counter. More than one million workers were in a layoff situation as a result of the pandemic; in april the percentage of unemployed had registered an increase of 24,3% since february, and more than half of the national companies had people in teleworking regime in the first half of may, according to data from Banco de Portugal and INE.

Hence, changes to the plan arise and a clear need for reinvention on the part of organizations and the working class. Transformations happen in all areas, but they always depend on the sector of activity, the possibility and capacity to implement changes and the receptivity to them. The scenario of offices and teleworking, recruitment methods and onboarding processes, the presence of people and contact between all, and participation and involvement in social causes are some of the most prominent fields in this theme.

Although in a similar context (when we talk about the pandemic situation), adaptation can be different when we compare, for example, the secondary and tertiary sectors - and even when we confront specific activities within each one. But, in general, the belief is that the future of employment will be technological, close to everyone, but equally responsible.

In the area of ​​Human Resources, the Multipersonnel bet on the digitization of processes that allow proximity between all, at a time when distance was imposed on society. Thus, in addition to digital intelligence, the promotion of tools that allow the agility of services available to everyone, market trends are analyzed and useful tools are developed to face their fluctuations. Always focused on creating and maintaining unique relationships.

And because people and their well-being will always be the priority, even when the reality is strange and the future is unpredictable, it makes sense to talk about Employee Advocacy as well as Social Responsibility - individual and corporate - promoted in the organization.

It is in this context that Multipessoal launches Our Future, supported by four distinct pillars: the smart future, the future job, the future me and the responsible future.

In this future, Multipessoal is even closer to all those that collaborate with it: Employees, Clients, Candidates and Partners. Measures that facilitate bureaucratic processes are disseminated, such as making pay slips available online or digitally signing employment contracts; contact with recruitment consultants for Candidates and Employees is simplified with the launch of a Virtual Assistant and for Customers with the launch of landing pages for managers in the area of ​​Recruitment and Specialized Selection, where a meeting or conversation is easily scheduled. With the objective of contributing to the reactivation of employment in Portugal, in a responsible manner, by the end of the year Multipessoal will donate part of the revenue from placements in the area of ​​Recruitment and Specialized Selection. It will also be offered, free of charge, to all Portuguese people the opportunity to have their Curriculum analyzed in a personalized way through the Virtual Assistant available on the website.

The social distance imposed by the pandemic accelerated the transformation of Multipersonnel and, therefore, the implementation of changes and the development of tools that guarantee that today they are ready to face the challenges that will arise in the future, with all those with whom they collaborate.

This content was produced in collaboration with Multipersonnel.

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